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Flock Felt Animal Collection is a product range created by craftsman Jamie Lewis who has been working as a felt maker since 2003. Originally an outlet for reusing his own wool and felt offcuts and waste from other work as stuffing, his wool creatures have blossomed into their own brand and Jamie's main business.

We work by hand, turning wool into felt components for our animals using water, olive oil soap and a domestic washing machine. We reshape them, leave them to dry and shave them with a beard trimmer to get a nice smooth finish. There are certain 3D shapes we base most designs on to create a stylised family of creatures. 


We hand cut animal features from sheets of wool felt and stitch the parts together with wool yarns. We'll usually work on large batches of one particular animal at a time to keep things efficient.


We print and cut all our own branding and packaging from recycled card and attach to our products with natural string or yarn. Where possible we include information about the wools we've used. 


We pack your orders in recycled tissue paper, brown paper, newsprint and recycled or reused cardboard boxes and eco jiffy bags and we use paper tape instead of plastic. Sometimes we re-use plastic packing that we have received materials in to fill spaces in boxes or envelopes or for extra protection, please think about reusing this yourself before recycling.